Diving Club

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Welcome Everything's right here in maya holidays

It's no wonder the Maya outlets has some of the best water theme park and finest beach resort, Wherever you live in the region,we'd like to invite you share our warn Maya Holidays hospitality here in the heart of Malaysia. Find out why everything's right here.

Desa Waterpark
Royal Puteri Melaka
Felda Residence Lahad Datu, Sabah

Klebang Beach Resort
Beruang Hill Resort
Felda Residence Sri Costa Melaka
Felda Residence Hot Spring
Felda Residence Terkam
Felda Residence Terengganu
Suria City, Johor Bahru

Citin Hotel Langkawi
Hang Tuah City Hotel
Felda Residence Johor
The Lost World Hotel
A Famosa Resort Melaka
Cinta Sayang